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  • Chris Crosby

Act Before It Is Too Late

She knew she had to act when her husband made a decision that would cost their family and her husband’s workers their lives. Her husband had offended a young man who had protected his workers and treated them kindly. Now the offended party was headed their way bent on killing them all in a fit of anger.

The woman quickly prepared a large meal and went out to meet the oncoming band of men demonstrating great hospitality and humility. She asked for them to not shed innocent blood and thereby protect themselves from wrongfully killing others. Her grace and humility won the day, and many lives were spared.

This is the story of King David (the offended young man) and Abigail, the wife of Nabal, found in First Samuel 25. It is a story demonstrating the power of a godly woman caring for others and respecting those in authority. Abigail did what was within her power as she protected those around her. She teaches us to walk through adversity with grace, humility, and strength.

Abigail responds quickly to the situation. She knows David is coming and doesn’t have a lot of time to act. She decisively implements her plan. With her servant’s assistance, she prepares the meal and gathers the caravan necessary to deliver it.

Then she jumps on a donkey and heads straight toward an angry band of men. Abigail has no idea how this will end. Depending on how upset the men are, they may kill her on the spot. However, she doesn’t allow fear to hold her back from saving her family. She sees this as her only chance to stop the shedding of blood.

How often are we faced with a tenuous situation, albeit, not as serious as Abigail’s? Do we wring our hands and panic? Do we phone a friend asking for help? Or do we go straight to God, requesting His direction and assistance? From experience, the best results come from the latter…petitioning God’s Holy Spirit to guide and lead us. However, that is often not our first response.

There are times when waiting is necessary, to ensure we are in line with God’s will. Too often we rush ahead and attempt to help God out when we are impatient to make something happen. However, this was not the case for Abigail…and often not for us. When we know what God is asking of us, yet we allow fear, uncertainty or moving out of our comfort zone to hinder our obedience, we invite unwanted trouble to the situation. In times like these, we must act when God tells us to move.

Are you walking through something currently where you know what God is asking of you, but you are hesitant to do it? Trust Him to know what is best for you and obey His voice. By obeying quickly, you may be circumventing some trouble headed your way.

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